Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Experimental Fabric Painting

 Several days ago I decided to try some fabric painting techniques from a book I have "Off the Shelf Fabric Painting" by Sue Beevers.   I pulled some fabric to work with and made bundles for dipping into the paint.  I also kept a couple of pieces out to wipe brushes on and blot up drips.

Bundles -folded and tied
Paint and a paint tray that the fabric could be dipped into were needed also. The GAC 900 is a fabric medium to make the paint work as fabric paint.

This watercolor palette is really too large for painting -in my opinion- but is perfect for this technique.  I used a green, a blue, a purple, and a magenta.
One piece of fabric was folded diagonally and then rolled up. Then it was tied into a circle.  It was dampened and then paint was applied with a brush.
More paint was added before it dried.

Of course the brush needed to be wiped and rinsed before each new color. So the wiping clothes came into play. 

The bundles had corners or ends dipped into various colors.  But one vital thing had been forgotten. The book warns you to check the fabric for sizings or coatings that may act as a resist.  The muslin in the folded bundles was resistant and did not allow paint to penetrate through the layers. 
They did not come out well.  When I unfolded them to dry in the sun, I realized the error. So I used the leftover paint and some water to add a bit more color.  They still aren't great.  So they may be used OR they may get more paint later. 

The twisted diagonal piece looks similar to the one she did in the book.  It has a lot of white space left but I like it this way.
The two strips on the right are pieces that I had in my "to be dyed" stash.  I painted them to use up more of the prepared paint.  They are "improv" painting.

There was a lot of prepared paint in those little round cups, so a couple of pieces of a pale yellow print were grabbed too.
The sun washed out the color in the photo.  These are a bit more colorful than they appear and the yellow in the print is pale but not this pale.

The top fabric is one of the bundles while the bottom one is a brush wiping fabric. Both of these can have more paint added later or be used as is if desired.

When these had sat for 24 hours,  they were heat set.  Then they sat another 24 or so and were washed.  When I washed them, I also put the rest of that muslin in the machine with them to remove the sizing.  It now absorbs water nicely -so it will paint well.

Yes, I will eventually sew something else, but my mojo and my muse are playing hide and seek....and I am not finding them.  So I continue to practice music and do other creative things to fill the time.  I have no fears that they will return soon.

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

You look like you have so much FUN playing with those paints! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with those pieces - ;))

Barbara said...

I see images in these. Love the surprises!

Jeanna said...

We just have to follow wherever the creativity takes us because it will always be fun...which you are clearly having.

Quilting Gail said...

I haven't tried painting fabric ... yet! ... This looks interesting! I look forward to seeing what you make with them when your mojo returns!
Enjoy making music!