Friday, May 15, 2020

One Sixth (and a puzzler)

On Thursday,  two more Bento blocks were made  at my house. That brings the grand total at this point to FIVE. And as I am planning to make 30 blocks, that is one sixth of the blocks made.

Here are the two latest blocks.

In the lower part of the photo you can see the leftover bits from the strips.  As the pattern has you sew two strips together (after cutting off  two pieces from each strip - very important!)  you see very quickly that the strips are not the same length.  I have to wonder why since it is the same line of fabric. It would seem to me that you would use a consistent base fabric for each color or print in a line.
Here is a closer look at those pieces.
You can see that the red and gold were the same length.  But the others are off by as much as a half inch.  It strikes me as odd.

Ah well...there are some questions we may never have the answer for.   But here is a fun puzzle that I heard today.  Try to figure it out without looking up an answer.

If you  have two bottles, one that holds five gallons and one that holds 3 gallons, how can you measure out four gallons of water using just the two?  Your water supply is not limited.
You can not use any other containers or measuring devices. FYI it is possible and it does make sense.

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Jeanna said...

To be fair, I've seen the puzzle before so I won't answer in the are correct, it can be done.

For the strips to be as much as 1/2" off is very strange since they are from the same 'line' of fabric.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

LOVE your blocks!! Your colors are SO pretty!!

The strip length conundrum - who knows? I fold the sewn strips over flat and trim both ends at the same time. Then I cut the double layers - twice for the 4-1/2" and twice for the 2-1/2" sections. The left overs - in the middle fold - are different sizes - which is interesting.

The bottle puzzle had me stumped for the longest time until I finally took the time to write it down years ago. It's a variation of the one on the "Die Hard" movie with Samuel Jackson and Jeremy Irons - that we must have watched a hundred times - ;))

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I never remember the answer to that riddle. I guess I'll have to watch the 3rd Die hard to find the answer. I've found that jelly rolls aren't consistent at all (length or width).