Friday, May 22, 2020

Thursday Blocks -and - The Toilet Chronicles

I have a tale to tell.  I am calling it "The Toilet Chronicles"  as it was a multi-day bizarre sequence of events.
But first, how about another couple of pretty Bento Blocks for some eye candy/quilting joy.

The aqua toned blue goes well with both the lavender and the rich pink. I am happy with both of these blocks.

Now, a tale of horror!  A tale of home ownership.  A tale of two brothers and how they overcame adversity.  (we hope!)

Let's go back a few days.  Last Friday, I was awakened early by a strange sound. I walked into the bathroom to discover water spraying from the cut-off valve at the back of my toilet. There was quite a bit of water in the floor.  I turned off the valve and it stopped spraying. I called my brother who is handy with almost everything.  He takes that from our Dad. His second career is with a maintenance company using his substantial skills. (He is retired from a career as a military mechanic.)

My brother came to my rescue and saw that the supply line had ruptured.  We got a replacement and he fixed it.

Dateline: Sunday morning:  I awake to find that the toilet is running constantly.  I turn the cutoff valve, thinking "at least I know how to fix this myself."  Oops!  the valve will slow the flow but not cut it completely off.  ARRRRGH.  Thinking that my brother is unavailable due to something Mom said, I live with the very slow water loss over the weekend as it is basically filling the tank over a period of about 8 hours and almost enough to flush when used.

Dateline Tuesday:  we replace the cutoff valve
Dateline Wednesday: got a kit to fix the toilet.  We fix the toilet.  It seems fine.
Dateline Thursday:  I start my normal routine the morning is going well.  I feel great.  I am so happy the toilet is fixed.  I flush the toilet. Water gushes from the back under the tank.  YIKES.  (or maybe I said something else that I won't say here.)  I look under and around and see that the water is coming from where the tank joins the bowl.  I consider crying, decide that is not helpful and call my brother. He is baffled but asks "I did put the seal on it, didn't I?"  I remember him doing it (the seal was red) I say "That red seal?"  He confirms.  I tell him that I have put a container to catch the water so no huge hurry....and I have to be at Mom's in a few minutes.  So we put it on hold.

Later Thursday: I am back at home. I pull out the instructions (that we didn't read because he has done this so many times and he is a professional. )   I read along and see that if your toilet is a Gerber or a Kohling you will a different gasket (the seal.)  The toilet was here when I moved in.  I have never seen a brand name on it.  I google "how to determine the brand of your toilet."  The answer is (generally) "It is on the inside of your tank or the tank lid." It is often imprinted in the ceramic. I look inside the tank very carefully and find that it is a Gerber. I text my brother what I have found.  He researches and asks "what model, Gerber, is it?"  I look inside again. There is a date but no model number.
Google, please help!  Google leads me to the information that it is under the rim of the toilet. I go "Wha......." then I see the is under the rim on the outside.  I find the model number. My brother says "They have changed the numbering system since then."  ARRRGH.  Clever man that he is, he asks "Do you still have the old one?"
Yes, I do, it is in the trash bag.  He comes by and gets it.  Off to the plumbing distributor (he knows people) and back with the gasket. (FYI, I had checked all the big box and local hardware stores and no-one had it in stock.)

The gasket is installed and he leaves.  I to go in to clean up the mess and put everything back in place (as you do) WATER IN THE FLOOR ----AGAIN.

I call him.  He comes right back.  We take it apart and put it back together. (seemingly the same way.)  We flush a couple of times and it doesn't leak.  (I silently pray.) He leaves a couple of tools "just in case." 
If you are wondering - the bathroom is still in disarray as I write this on Thursday night - scheduled for early Friday publication. I will have to move the cabinet before I can shower in the morning. But I wanted to be sure it would not need to be moved out again.

Meanwhile,  I have cooked a sugar free lemon loaf since tomorrow is Mom's birthday.  I am still praying the the last fix holds.  I am exhausted.  Typos may appear in this post.  My apologies. 

Right now, I have supper cooking and it should be done soon.  I am so grateful for my baby brother. He is the best gift Mom and Dad ever gave me.

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Your blocks are SO pretty!! Thank goodness your baby brother knows people - and how to fix a toilet!! I think he deserves an extra slice of that lemon loaf - and wish your Mom a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me - ;))

Pamela Arbour said...

Your blocks are beautiful. You are getting quite a collection by now.

I can certainly understand your frustration on the toilet situation. That can become a nightmare. I hope everything is repaired by now.

Frog Quilter said...

Love your blocks.

The toilet situation sounds like one of my house episodes from long ago. Glad it is fixed.

piecefulwendy said...

Well, here in Minnesota, we would say UFFDA (pronounced "oofda" for those who may not know)! Those home fix-it scenarios are never fun, especially when they involve toilets and leaking water. Yuck. Years ago, when we lived in an apartment, we awoke to water dripping from our bathroom ceiling. The toilet in the apartment above us had sprung a leak and had started coming through the floor and walls. (The person from the above apartment was gone out of town). It was a mess, that's for sure, so I feel your pain. I think you need to make a lemon loaf just for yourself - or maybe something chocolate! Or both!

Jeanna said...

OMG! I found myself reading faster and faster, what a story. I suspect the toilets in our house will need to be replaced soon. We've purchased and installed just about everything that can be but we still have the occasion issue.
The lemon loaf sounds wonderful...I love all things lemon. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Sandra Walker said...

Oh MY!! I bet I know what word you said.... what a terrific story that made me grin! Not at your expense, how awful and yes, living in an old house we have our share of plumbing issues (don't get me started on the shower drama) so I get it. But you told it so well, adn thank god for baby brothers and husbands that know how to fix and MacGyver all this stuff! btw I felt a little proud that I actually knew where the brand of a toilet is! I've had to re-hook the fallen off chain on several toilets over the years, even at the yoga studio where I used to go, LOL, so I've seen it there many a time. Bento Box blocks are coming along! The final quilt will be so exciting to see!

Vicki W said...

Oh my gosh, what a nightmare!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I am sure you said a few 'wordy dirds' during your toilet trials. Sorry. Never fun with water in the wrong places in our bathrooms (or any place else). Hope it is finally fixed.