Saturday, June 13, 2020

Art Exercise - Painting on Paper

For a few days, I have been reading one of my books on art and creativity.  This one is "The New Creative Artist" by Nina Leland.   In the book she is a strong proponent of play as a way of increasing creativity. 
While looking through the book, I came upon an exercise that she calls "Creating Trapped Shapes"  
While I didn't follow the rules exactly,  I did take a piece of watercolor paper and use paint to create lines that cross and go off all sides of the page to create random shapes.   

My starting paper was already painted with a golden yellow that blended into an orange shade.  Black paint was my choice of line.  Then in the following days, I started filling in some of the shapes with color. Seriously, it is similar to crazy quilt piecing.  You want to create contrast and a nice variety of colors that are harmonious. (Unless you want to do something different! It is play with no rules.)  
One strong command she gives is to play and don't expect to make good art. Rather, enjoy the process. Since painting led me to quilting, it is good to revisit painting for a while. 

Friday morning, I walked in to where I had been painting and saw  somewhat of an image in my random shapes.  So I decided to enhance that image just a bit. I changed one of the shapes with some opaque paint.  (no rules!) and did a few other bits to enhance.  It isn't great art, but I think it is a fun piece.
This could possibly be the springboard for a fun little primitive quilt design at some point. Or it could just simple be a painting exercise.  I don't know if I will add any more paint on it or just let it be what it is.  I did have fun with it - and that was the point. 

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Barbara said...

Very, very cool! It’s my kind of art, full of surprise. Tweet, tweet!

Frog Quilter said...

It’s so much fun to let your creativity out... I see a bird in the picture.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I see a birdie, too! My kids used to do that when they were little - draw a bunch of lines in swirls making a design that they could "color inside the lines" - they called it "goo-gee-GA-ja" - ;))

Kathleen said...

I love seeing people experimenting. It is fun to go back and add to something when the muse strikes and it completes the piece!

Jeanna said...

You have amazing artistic talent, Gene.