Friday, July 10, 2020

Adding the Bias Tape Appliqué

This is going to be short and sweet.  After all the prep work,  sewing the bias binding onto the top was almost too easy.  I reviewed all the tips from the class and just went for it. 

The only part that gave me any problems was joining the ends of the bias tape. I used essentially the same method that I use for the binding on a quilt.  But as this was only sewn down on the inside curve, it was a little more difficult  to get it to come out just right.  (I only had to rip it out three times.)  But honestly now I would have to search to find that join.   Once it was joined. I took it to the iron and used steam to make it lay flat.  Then I sewed the outside curve.

Of course there was a lot of extra background fabric behind the center. So I took my sharp little scissors and oh so carefully cut it away. There was only one small oops in the process. 


The quilt top was not cut at all.  The oops was on the middle finger of my left hand.  It was slightly pierced by those very sharp tips.  (I am not responsible for the word that came out of my mouth -and I am not repeating it here.)  It bled only slightly and NOT on the quilt.  I put some liquid bandage on it and it will be fine.    

What do you think?  Should I add a border around this or simply back it and quilt it?  My thought right now is that I will do a facing rather than a binding on this one. 
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Jeanna said...

The binding looks great, Gene. Sorry you cut your finger...lucky it didn't get on the quilt.

Kathleen said...

Well, glad you are okay and you did fabulously finishing this circle!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

It's BEAUTIFUL!! I'm sorry you cut your finger - but it was for a good cause - LOL. My opininos is that you face it - call it "done" - and hang it where you can see it every day - ;))