Thursday, July 30, 2020

Curtains and more Plinks

The curtain fabric has been hanging out and waiting for a few days.  I finally got a photo to share with you.  I plan to make it into curtains in the next week or so.

This fabric is very loosely woven so that it doesn't block all of the light. I can always add a layer of thin white fabric behind (or a blind or a shade) if needed. I am considering using it on a kitchen window instead.   I will sew the simple hems and audition it in both places before deciding.

More Plinks

And I mentioned that there were more "plinks!" sounding in my kitchen.  I did all these jars of preserves on Thursday morning before lunch time. 

I used up almost all of my canning jars.  I need to buy an extra flat or two of half pints.  I think a few of them have not made it back when the preserves were given with the request "I would like the jar and the ring back when you are done."   But I know people forget.  (The fig tree is still loaded.)

There was actually another small batch of four half pints made at the same time. They are low sugar preserves for Mom.  Due to the lack of sugar (which is a preservative) they have to be stored in the freezer until used. So, I make small batches as neither of us has a lot of freezer space.

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Quilting Gail said...

PLINK!!! yes, it's a very rewarding sound!

Love the weaving for your curtain! It will be great!

Happy Canning and weaving and sewing and CREATING! :-)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

That fabric will make wonderful curtains!! I'm looking forward to seeing where they wind up "living" now that I know what the fabric "grew up to be". "Plink" is a great sound - and the preserves look YUMMY! - ;))

Barbara said...

Your woven cloth will make absolutely beautiful curtains! I would not forget!

Jeanna said...

That piece is going to make such pretty curtains, Gene. My house in laid in a way that I don't have a kitchen window...lots of light, but no window. I'm soooo jealous of those preserves.