Friday, July 03, 2020

Tour de Fleece

Yes, I am late arriving at the "party."  The Tour de Fleece is a yearly event for people who spin yarn.  This started fifteen years ago.  The current year's event started on June 27th.   As for me, I started spinning for this year's event yesterday. 

The Tour de Fleece runs essentially as the same days of the Tour de France bicycle ride/tour.  If you have ever seen someone spin on a spinning wheel, you may have noticed the pedaling action with the feet.   So the bike riders pedal the bikes while we pedal our spinning wheels. 
 (more than you wanted to know?)  

Anyway, I have been spending some of my time spinning yarn.  While it is called the Tour de Fleece,  I am not spinning wool from a fleece.  Rather, I am spinning yarn from silk waste roving and bamboo because I prefer to weave with those fibers or cotton (and I am not good at spinning cotton yarn.)  

Here is my current bobbin with mostly silk but some bamboo yarn. 
 The white that you see is the bamboo that I have used thus far.  But I also have bamboo fiber in other colors and some of it will be added eventually.  Or it may be spun separately and then plied with the silk.  Time will tell.
This pretty ball of stuff is silk waste roving.  While the main color is a magenta hue, there is also orange, purple, blue and yellow in this fiber.  I really love the uneven nubby yarn that I get from this  fiber. 

Until Next Time,  Stay Creative 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Beautiful silk roving - but "Tour de Silk" doesn't have the same ring to it - LOL. I'm looking forward to seeing what you weave with the silk/bamboo yarn - ;))

Barbara said...

Oh this makes me long to spin again! I only used a drop spindle, but it is too hard for me now. Your roving is beyond description, simply beautiful. Silk and bamboo sound incredible together.