Tuesday, September 15, 2020

More Watercolor

While I am still steadily piecing the half-square triangles, the photos of those don't make for an exciting post.   

The other thing I am diligently working on is painting with watercolor and watercolor pencils.  Since A Left-Handed Quilter posted that she was learning from the "General's Watercolor Pencil Kit" - I bought one of those kits also.  Here are the last two pieces that I worked.  
The purple flower looked harder to me than the tulip.  But it was first in the book.  So I did it first.  
The practice sheets have the outlines already drawn for you.  I think I would prefer to draw them in with the color I will be using so that they disappear.  But I am using the book as written. 
You may notice that I don't always color "inside the lines." 

The tulip was more of a lesson on developing tonal variations.  I am finding it a bit harder to do with the pencils. But I am getting there.  

Meanwhile, I watched a video  that showed how the artist was lifting out color on a "failed" painting to re-create it.   As I watched I got a bit excited.   In my print rack, I had just seen an old piece that I painted as a practice sketch in a watercolor class years ago.  Because we painted these very quickly and only to develop a feel for painting people, it was quite blotchy and had lots of hard lines.  There was also not a lot of delicate tonal properties. I pulled it out and played with lifting out some of the color and also using the technique to move some of the color around. I have no idea what color was originally used, so I can't just grab a tube of it and add more paint.  

It is still blotchy but I see a possibility of using it as a model for a new painting. 

I see lots of things that could stand correction, such as the lips. But I also see possibilities.  The big question is this: When I start painting the new portrait, what medium will I use?  Watercolor, watercolor pencils or perhaps acrylic?   

Time will tell.

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Haha - I think I'm better at "staying inside the lines" than you are - but you have more experience with other mediums. I like your so-called "failed" portrait - and who says you can't do one of each - then decide which medium worked best for you - ;))

Barbara said...

I’m with Kitty, do one of each! That portrait has definite possibilities for numerous mediums. About staying inside the lines, it’s not you, it’s perhaps the water that wants to keep flowing as it goes outside the line. Maybe keep trying with less water? (said she who has given up this medium entirely, and forever!! Haha)

Lyndsey said...

Staying in the lines is not a requirement with watercolours (thank goodness). I use a very light pencil to sketch or watercolour of the colour I'm going to be using. Do try both mediums. I love the different looks and feel you get with watercolour and acrylic. The more you show your paintings the more you are inspiring me spend some time with my art supplies.

Hilachas said...

Pretty flowers. I’ve always heard that painting with water colors is hard. Never heard of water color pencils. What do you do, dip them and water before painting. I admire you for the beautiful paintings you’re able to do.

Marlene said...

You have so many wonderful ways to express your creativity. I know that whichever is "right" in the moment will be the rabbit you decide to chase.

Kathleen said...

Love seeing the artistic play...HSTs can be boring but will be brilliant when you put them together.