Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Painted Ladies

I had told you that I was going to paint a "new version" of the monochromatic watercolor sketch that I showed in the last post.   
My decision was to start with an acrylic version.  First let me say that it is certainly not finished.  But the idea is roughed in enough to show, I think.   I am feeling pretty good about her so far.  I may be using some non-traditional colors in this painting but that is my "wild artist" side showing through.  Here she is at this point.

She reminds me of someone - perhaps one of my cousins.  I still have a lot of work to get her face where I want it to be.  There is always a risk of messing it up completely since I am not a portrait painter.  But, this is just for fun, so I am going to continue.  

Several years ago, I did a very non-traditional "portrait."  There was no model to work from, just an idea in my head.  I used lots of unconventional color choices.  But I really liked the outcome.  I have her framed but I don't have her hanging in my house.  Maybe one day.....
Here she is for you to see. 

It so happens that she reminds me of Ann Wilson from the musical group Heart. Ann is the black-haired sister in the group and usually the lead vocalist.    
This was painted over an abstract background so there is some interesting patterning on her face.  That also accounts for some of the odd shifts in light in the painting.  I think it just makes it more interesting.  

Looking at both of them I see something interesting.  I apparently like pink hair and blue eyes. Ha ha.  But remember, the first one is still in progress, so that could all change on her. (but I promise I won't give her green eyebrows like the second one has.)

An order arrived in the mail today from "The ScissorMan" - aka Famore Cutlery.   As I was looking at the mail, I saw the back of the mailer.  
Such a simple thing - it is hand-written with a marker.  That is the delight of dealing with a small seller. It cost so little to do that, but the time and thought make it special.  More than "Thank You" -it says "we are glad you shopped with us. We hope you come back and tell all your friends."  
So I am telling all of you.  A few days ago they posted a discount code SHARP2020 on Facebook.  The owner of the company said that I can share that code with you. So go over to Famore Cutlery and treat yourself to something.  As Brint, the ScissorMan says "Stay Sharp." 

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Pink hair and blue eyes - GREAT combo!! Thanks for the link - they have LEFT-handed applique scissors that might accidentally fall into my cart - LOL - ;))

Barbara said...

Wow, so different for you, Gene! I love the idea of using an abstract background! I don’t know the group Heart, but no need to be a portrait painter to see a resemblance. Witness, my Freddie Mercury. :) Never would have guessed you have any kind of wild side, but an artist is permissible. In fact, sometimes it’s downright necessary!

Debbie said...

Your earlier portrait has the look of 60s pop art to me. At least that what it reminds me of. Looking forward to what you come up with.