Friday, September 04, 2020

Weaving Again

Since the "bathroom curtain" weaving did not go as planned, I have put another warp on the loom to make new fabric.  It may or may not be curtains for the kitchen.  I am using one of the Saori Brand pre-wound warps.  This was originally a 30 meter warp in black.   I had used part of it previously then removed it from the loom to save for another time. 

In some of the photos you may see a red thread in the warp.  I got one thread tangled and simply cut it out for bit.  When that thread was long enough off the warp, I wove in a red thread and put it through the reed and heddle in the right spot. Then I tied it to the black thread coming off the warp. Besides repairing the broken thread, it adds a little pop of red into the warp threads for a section.  I just think that is fun. 

Here are some photos of the weaving so far. 

This is a single variegated thread used as the weft. It is actually from a crochet thread cone made by Bernat.  I love the way the colors pooled into arrowhead shapes.

Sometimes, I wind two threads onto a bobbin at the same time.  This bobbin in the shuttle shows that. This adds some extra color and also makes the fabric look a bit "tweedy."  The fabric under the shuttle was done this way. 
This shows how the above shuttle thread look when woven.

It is also fun to use a variegated thread along with a "matching" solid thread to create a look that can be created no other way. 
The main part of this one is done with a multicolor variegated thread wound on with a deep aqua/blue thread.  It creates a wonderful variation in the color of the cloth.  (You can see the tail of the red warp thread woven in on the right about half way down. I left long ends just for fun. 

I see that none of these photos show the red thread running in the warp.  So here is one extra photo. 

PS.  The "new" Blogger format has been forced upon me. I don't love it, but I think I can manage to keep posting.   I am tenacious!

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Stay Creative 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

LOVE your weaving - and your RED thread! I used a variegated yarn and a coordinating solid when I knitted a scarf once - the two yarns together made a very nice combination. And I tried the new version of Blogger - and don't like it - so every time Blogger loads as the "new" version - I revert back to the "legacy" version - so far so good. I'm stubborn - LOL - ;))

Barbara said...

Loving your imaginative weaving, as always, and the red thread is a winner! The new blogger isn’t getting rave reviews, so when it appeared weeks ago here I quickly reverted back to the old. I’ve been there ever since, and I hope it stays!

Debbie said...


Quilting Gail said...

The weaving is interesting. I'm glad you're explaining parts of the process ... and what pretty results!

Wordpress has a new format for blogging ... some things I really like, but others ... those are the things I don't like because I can't find where it is or what they've re-named it! Sigh ... perhaps one day I'll figure it out!

Happy Weaving! :-)