Sunday, October 18, 2020

A Little Check-In

So many of you have sent well wishes that I felt like I need to check in.  My first cataract surgery went very well.  The doctor told my driver that it went "better than expected."  Of course, now I wonder what he expected.......   For now my eye is red - as expected. But I can see at a distance  with no correction. When I wake up in the morning and remove the shield that I place over it each night, I can see the clock across the room. I can see details in the wallpaper border.  It is amazing. 

Another amazing thing is that color are so much more vivid.  The doctor said that we remove the worst one first. But, I can see, by alternating which eye I look out of,  that there is a remarkable difference in the shade of things. It is most obvious looking at something white. The repaired eye sees "white" while the eye that still has a cataract sees a tan-toned off white.  It is a stark difference. 

So what have I been doing?  Much less than usual. Ha ha.  I realized (too late) that  I can't weave because the loom weighs 32 lbs and I am not supposed to lift over 15 lbs.  My loom folds and is stored folded.  I would have to lift it to move it to a location where I can weave.  (Oh well!)  A friend stayed with me for the first day, but at that point I was just resting.  Now I am alone and doing well but with limits.  Bending over is also a no-no as it puts pressure on the eye.  Fortunately these are temporary restrictions.  Once the eye is full healed I can go back to life as usual - hmmm,  semi-usual I suppose since we are still in a pandemic.

I decided to paint a few backgrounds to doodle on. Here those are for you to see. 

I think this was recycling a piece from another painting- I just added paint.

The last one is a page to doodle on although it isn't a background. 
I watched a video where the artist used these types of "blobs" to 
create birds and fish.  I think I need to go back into these and add
more/different colors to make them interesting.
However, it is all just fun creative play. 

I also won a pre-printed "hand" fabric from Laura Wasilowski at ArtFabrik.  Since it doesn't require
heavy lifting, I decided to try embroidering on it - even with my wonky vision.  After adding a layer of a thin woven interfacing to the back of the fabric, I started the outline of the hand. 

I am not so sure about my thread color choice, but it has a good contrast.  While listening to an audiobook from my local public library, I completed the outline. 

Next up for this is to fill in the hand with embroidered design stitches. You can see an example on Laura's blog here.     While I will look back at hers for ideas,  I hope I can manage to make this one my own creation. 

Meanwhile,  I am putting drops in my eyes four times a day.  I can't get too busy doing anything else. Ha ha.  I am taking some  naps  time during the days to rest my eyes also.   
Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I'm glad that your surgery went well - but now I'm wondering what the doctor expected, too! Your backgrounds are pretty and the "shapes" are interesting - I'm looking forward to seeing your "doodles" - and what you embroider on your "hand". I know you will - but be sure to take the naps/time you need to rest - don't over do it - ;))

Pamela Arbour said...

So glad to hear that all went well. I know you will take it easy. It looks like that "hand" work can keep you busy.

JFM said...

This is very good news Gene. I am happy for you that all went well.
These backgrounds are beautiful, and the hands very interesting.

Have a Lovely Day 🍂☕🍁

Barbara said...

Isn’t cataract surgery incredible?! The results of stellar distance vision and color intensity can take one’s breath away. The second eye will be easier on you now that you know the for,er unknowns.. Sleeping is good especially in the beginning...resting the eyes and getting the twilight anesthesia out of your system. Love the colorful background or otherwise pieces. I see smoke and fire in the last one, still so much a sad part of the lives of many right now. The hand outline is a great start on a great piece. The link to the one that inspired you is so lovely! Our hands provide us with so much that we take for granted. Paying homage to them cannot be overdone!

Debbie said...

Glad you have done so well! The whole thing terrifies me, and you are encouraging.

Marie said...

Hi Gene, So happy your surgery went well. I know how great it has been since I had mine done. I am amazed all the time at the colors! Take care and follow his orders and you will heal greatly! Marie

Shasta Matova said...

All of your backgrounds are works of art, and inspired me to make similar backgrounds for my index card drawings. I am glad that your eyes are improving and you can see colors more vividly now. I do hope that if you have someone who can come move the loom for you if you can't wait.

Jennifer said...

Rest sleep nap! Excited to see what ya do in the hand.

~Laurie~ said...

Do exactly what the doctors tell you! I hope it is a quick recovery for you - it sounds like the surgery will be a great success ❤️

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Glad you are doing well. Keep taking those naps.