Thursday, January 28, 2021

Fabric Stamping - A Sidestep

By now, most of my readers know that I will get "bored" doing one thing and need a change in creative direction. That is why I have so many creative hobbies - such as: painting, quilting, weaving, cooking, baking, and music.  And I like to combine them at times. 

Today the the squirrel I decided to chase was fabric stamping. Let me back up-- first I watched videos on screen printing without special equipment.  But you needed to make a screen.  The screen has to dry. Let's face it,  I was too impatient to do that today. 

I pulled out some supplies - honestly some of these were chosen while I was working on it. 
In the photo are three bottles of fabric paint, drywall tape, two hand-carved stamps, one commercial stamp,  a piece of rug backing (sometimes sold as shelf liner), a brayer and a medicine bottle.  I also used a sheet of a disposable paint palette and of course the fabric. Here is the fabric before I ironed it flat.
First I squirted some of the burgundy paint onto the palette paper (you could use freezer paper or a glass/plexiglass sheet) and brayered it smooth. Of course I stuck the stamp in before I remembered to take a photo.
The fact is that I didn't spread it smoothly enough with the brayer as you will see on the photo of the stamp and fabric print below.

But that was okay because it gives it a nice organic handmade look.  I like it. 
Then I stamped it several times in a random pattern. Once or twice I didn't reload the paint so I have ghost prints - and yes I did mean to do that. 

Then I got wild and just played with paint and stamps. I think I went too far.  But that is okay, because as one instructor said "Sometimes you need to go too far so that you know where to stop the next time."

If you decide to try this, be aware that you need to heat set the paint before you wash it. Read the manufacturer's directions. 
Also, be creative when looking for things to use as stamps. The edge or a corrugated cardboard piece will give you a nice design if you brayer the paint really thin first.  Check around your house or at a thrift store for old household or kitchen items that have a fun design - potato mashers, the end of a spool,  commercial stamps if you aren't selling what you make.  Just look with new eyes and you will see a world of possibilities.

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Julierose said...

Oh now, I love the look of that stamping "ghosting" --reminiscent of some batik prints, I think...
What fun!! Enjoy hugs, Julierose

Debbie said...

Yes, a bit more than needed on this one. But love the look of the first stamp and then again in a different color. That would work really well. Good to play and experiment.

Jeanna said...

Whoa, Gene! Nothing is safe in your house LOL. Your creativity is boundless! I always love to see what you are up to. The fabric is looking great, too.

Angie said...

Awesome stamping. I love the different designs. Really neat! Have a great day! 🦋🌻

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

That looks like fun - making a mess and winding up with something pretty - ;))

Vicki W said...

Oh what fun! I love fabric stamping but it's something I'm going to have to give up. Like the Sharpies that I'm currently working with, the fabric paints really bother me and I'm not sure it's worth it. I probably need to try stamping with thickened dye as an alternative.