Friday, January 29, 2021

More Fabric Paint/stamping Fun

As I started this post, I realized that there are still two other pieces that I haven't taken photos of yet.  Be sure they will show up eventually.

Thursday morning, I decided to do some more fabric painting/stamping. I started with a piece of print fabric that I had over-dyed.   I meant to use the front, but  I started stamping on the back before I realized it.  
I decided to use one of my favorite stamps (that I carved) and  make a checkerboard style pattern.  First I started with a yellow paint but it wasn't strong enough on it's own.  So I  poured some red on top of it and mixed - expecting orange.  Hmmm...that yellow wasn't strong at all, it is still red. 
So I stamped every other block with the red. Then I went back and stamped with a pale buff color. Hmmm...that is "weak" also.  So I added some blue to it and stamped  them again.  Some places you can see the buff where I didn't get it lined up exactly.  I like it!

The blue background is mottled with spots that are much lighter and much darker. There are no shadows on the cloth in the picture - those are the actual colors.  I think it makes the stamping that much more interesting. 

Next I took some plain white fabric and stamped in purples with two stamps that I carved.  Then I decided that more contrast and another color was needed. So I used the top of a glue stick tube and stamped red circles on it. 
I really like the result but I wish I had used a hand dyed fabric for the base cloth to make it more like a batik. 

There was some red paint and just a bit of purple left that needed to be used. So I grabbed an odd scrap of pink fabric (un-ironed)and put it on the table.  I used the brayer and rolled it through the paint - loading a thin bit on the brayer.  Then I rolled it diagonally across the cloth.  I did this until all the paint was gone.  

Here is that fabric.

This taught me the importance of ironing before adding paint.  Here is where there was a wrinkle in that fabric. 
The wrinkle is printed in and is very obvious.  There may be times that you want that effect, but the wrinkles will likely be cut away when I use this fabric since they are not consistent with the rest of it. 

It was a fun session...and I am sure more will follow.  I still need to stamp light on dark - and maybe play with some metallics too. 

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Lovely results - looks like you're having FUN! - ;))

Barbara said...

I like the wrinkle effects! ☺️

Barb said...

My gosh Gene, those stamping are amazing. I totally love it all....the first is just fabulous. When you wash the fabric, does the paint come out?