Saturday, January 16, 2021

Off on a Side Track - or - Squirrel!

The quilt that I am quilting is coming along beautifully.   But I decided to pull out an old project - Oh my, this one dates back to November 2015.   I had a "hankering" to do something in a different creative mode. And now I am not sure when I will be quilting that quilt again.  But I don't plan to let it sit for over five years like this did.   

In the post - way back then - I said "needs to sit and mature for a bit."    - I suspect that five years and two months was just about right.

I pulled out the beginnings and started doing some fusible applique.  It is a fact that I have a bin of pre-fused fabrics that were ready to cut and fuse.  Since I had a good start, it was easy to take off running.  Here is where it is now. 

I am not sure if he is a Jester or perhaps some sort of magical creature.  What I do know is that he is much changed from the original start that looked like this.

I removed those eyes and made new ones.  Then I added to the head piece 
to make it more three dimensional looking.  
Hair was added.  Then the eyebrows had to change also.  
Then the mouth and a nose. 
 He looked like a floating head, so I grounded him -sort of- with the circles and petal shapes.
I took him to audition backgrounds.  I even cut one piece, but it was too busy and distracting.
I finally pulled out a piece of hand dyed fabric - nearly perfect! 
I started to fuse him down - Oh no!  I can't leave that nose. So I pulled off the offensive nose
(it was too dark and drew attention directly to it.) 
I auditioned more fabric for noses. Finally, this piece looked "right." 
I added the nose and fused the entire piece to the background. 

I have lots of stitches to add to him to fasten the pieces securely.  
He needs batting and backing. Then I can quilt it all into one fun little art quilt. 

In case you were wondering, I did get the pieces of the quilt that are quilted joined into one piece. 
I have half a quilt. 
Perhaps you would like to see the back and look at some of the quilting from the back of the quilt.

Which project will I work on next? Who knows?  The muse can be fickle.  But when I am 
smart I listen to her and follow along. 

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Barbara said...

Wow, this is so different, very whimsical, and I can tell you had fun! Congrats for following your fickle muse! Mine has gone into hiding. :(

Frog Quilter said...

I love where this masterpiece is headed. Enjoy!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

What a FUN little art piece! Follow your muse - she knows the way - ;))

Sandra Walker said...

Squirrels are just such fun, and so good for our spirits, nowadays more than ever. Funny you mention magic as I've just finished two very good books where I lived in Faerie, and I'm presently into the sequel to one of them!

Jennifer said...

We all need some whimsy lately:)