Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Preserving Food - Kimchi

One of my "other hobbies" is preserving food and if possible making it taste better.   I love cabbage anyway, but when it is made into sauerkraut or kimchi, I love it more. Plus, I get those lovely probiotics that come from fermented foods.  
I will say that I have never met anyone who was indifferent to kimchi. It is usually love it or hate it. Many years ago, my brother-in-law was stationed in Korea.  My sister went to visit him there. She stayed a while and lived and worked there. Of course she learned about the culture and the foods.  When she told me about kimchi, I said "YUCK."  To be fair, she told me that they "bury it in ground and let it rot." 

Forward many years, but still a few years back.  A friend took me out to eat.  He said, "Let's go to the Korean cafe. I am sure you will enjoy something on the food bar."  By this time I had become adventurous in my food choices, so I said "Okay."   One of the things I tried was kimchi - I don't remember if  I knew what it was when I put it on my plate, but I do remember that I went back for more at least twice on that visit. 

Then a few more years passed.  I saw a recipe to make kimchi on the internet.  I searched out some ingredients and made a small batch.  I have used different recipes but I have been making it since then.  

A couple of days ago, I made two quarts.  Today, I made two more.  They are sitting in my laundry area,  where it is dark, to ferment.  

I keep an old beach towel over them to help keep them warmer. And they sit in an old baking pan in case they get "active" in fermentation and run over - it can happen. 

For these batches, I used the "Emergency Kimchi" recipe.   I have learned a lot about Korean cooking from this site. She has many kimchi recipes.  One of them uses chayote - a type of squash common in Mexico.  I made a batch of it some time back and realized that I could use chayote to replace the Korean Radish or Daikon Radish in kimchi.  So these two batches have chayote in them.  I have made it this way once before and I know that it is good.  I get the chayote from a local Mexican market.  I also substituted yellow onion - chopped nicely - for the green onion.  And I added a couple of good dashes of Oyster Sauce also.
This kimchi is delicious eaten by itself. But I also love dropping in a nice portion in a bowl of ramen noodles (with most of the high sodium seasoning left out.) The kimchi flavors it wonderfully.  I also enjoy eating it with rice.  But possibly the most surprising way I like it is with pinto beans and cornbread.  Does that make me a practitioner of Fusion Cuisine?

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Absolutely! "Fusion" can be fun - who would have thought that kimchi would "go" with pinto beans and cornbread? - ;))

Jennifer said...

My granny used to make apple kraut it was a lot like a relish. It was good with pintos and cornbread. Your stuff looks good.

Lyndsey said...

I will put Korean food on my to try list for 2021. I know where there is a Korean restaurant and when it reopens after our lockdown 3 finishes I will be visiting.