Tuesday, March 09, 2021

A Finish and a New "Start"

I have my first finish of March 2021.  After diligently  sewing on the facing, while watching (sort of watching) a video, I got the little quilt completed.  

Actually I can see that I am not quite finished. I need to go back and push out those corners a bit better. That is the nice thing about this type of facing, the corners are still easily accessible. So I can get a point pusher in there and finesse it a bit.  Overall, I am very happy with this piece.  I love the way that the threads show on the black background.  It really makes the quilting stand out.  Although I do wonder if I should go back and fill some of the circles on the right side so that it balances the checkerboard on the left side. What do you think?

As for the new start - it probably isn't what you are thinking.  You may know that I love music in many forms.  Earlier this year, I took some music classes online in a "dulcimer festival."  I did not take any dulcimer classes, but in the big group sessions, I became enamored with them.  They are such a simple instrument, with only three strings.  In fact, my autoharp was made at "The Dulcimer Shoppe" in Arkansas.  When I saw that they were making a different kind of dulcimer (read 'much less expensive') I was intrigued.  (Quick backstory - ages ago I almost bought a dulcimer at a festival in Tennessee.  But I had no one to teach me to play it, so I didn't.)  
I checked with the shop for the price and decided that at my age, I should just get it and scratch that itch once and for all.  I am now learning to play it- with help from YouTube and a few other sources. It is slow, but I love learning new things.   Here are photos of the front and back of my new musical acquisition. 

The two woods are walnut (dark) and cherry (light.)  The awesome thing about this model is that the pieces of wood are "off-cuts" from making the shops teardrop and hourglass shaped dulcimers. Because of this the side pieces are "book matched" - meaning that they are mirror images in grain. 
Of course I had to take the photos on a quilt - playing up two of my passions: Quilting and Music.  When I get better at playing a tune I will post a video.  

So now you know why I am posting less these days.  I am expanding my abilities in other areas and spending more time with Mom. 

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Jeanna said...

You have a nice finish, Gene. I like the quilting the way it is. Congratulations on scratching the itch and getting the new instrument. It is beautiful and I'm looking forward to hearing you play it when the time comes.

Barbara said...

That is a very beautiful instrument!! Looking forward to a performance. Re the quilting, I agree, as is looks finished!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

LOVE your dulcimer - and am looking forward to hearing you play it. It's nice that you scratched that itch - and especially nice that you are spending more time with your Mom. Your quilt looks terrific - but if you want to add some quilting to the right side - I think you should. If you don't, you may see it as "unfinished" every time you look at it - so do it now - and get it over with - LOL - ;))

tubakk said...

I love your little quilt and the quilting on it.

Jennifer said...

Ready for a recital. I like the stitching against the black.

Quilting Gail said...

Hi Gene,
I like your quilt as it is!
I like your "new start!" I look forward to listening to you and the dulcimer when you're ready!
Happy Creating! :-)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Now you need to go visit the Dulcimer Shoppe in Mountain View, Ark. They are opening a new location on the square downtown, and will still have the original shop. You'd really enjoy Mountain View. I've been going about every 2 years (since 1982) for family reunions. Nice finish on the black mini. It doesn't need any more stitching.