Sunday, March 07, 2021

A thimble, A threader - and time

What are three things that start with "T" ?   What are three things that I am using in my current "project"?

Yes both of those are the correct question to the title  "answer"  - A thimble, A threader - and time. 

I have pulled out an older project and I am sewing a facing onto it.  This necessitates hand sewing, thus the need for the thimble. 
I love this type of thimble as it is comfortable and it stays on my finger. I have several of these.  They also can be used as finger picks for playing the autoharp.  I know a couple of other autoharp players that use them. 

Since having  cataract surgery, hand threading a needle is a bit more of a challenge.  But I have had this nice little green contraption for a few years.

This threader is a real life-saver when I need to thread one of those tiny needle eyes. 

Now, I don't have a picture of time.  I did try to capture a photo of time, but I discovered that it is far too fleeting to stand still for a photo. 

As for the project, it was started in a class with the Gee's Bend Quilters in 2013.  Then in 2016, the original was cut into pieces and the black was added.  I am not sure exactly when I did the quilting on it.  But in March of 2021 I am finishing it.  So it took me slightly less than 8 years to complete (if I finish it this month as planned.) 

In  "mother news," we have finished yet another puzzle. I left one evening and came back the next day to see that mom had done quit a lot.  We worked together for a bit longer and it was complete. 

This one, called Confection Street, was 300 pieces.  The next one we started yesterday.  It is 500 pieces and may try my patience (and mom's patience too.)  

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Pamela Arbour said...

That was certainly a teaser on your quilt. I was expecting to see the whole thing! Anticipation. 500 pieces might be a good place to stay for a while. LOL It would be funny if your mother got better at it than you! Puzzles seem to talk to you as you pass by and then you sit down for a little bit and it turns into an hour or so!

Barbara said...

Wow, that thimble is something I wished I’d known about years ago. Alas, no more hand stitching in my life now. It has to be a big help! Your Mom and you will be more challenged by 500 pieces,bit it’s a good challenge. I agree, stay at that level for awhile.

Connie Turner said...

I love the look of the puzzles, there are so many beautiful images they use for them but I never have worked one. I always think I don't have enough patience. Thanks for the tips on thimbles. There are definitely times when you need one.

Jennifer said...

I have the same needle threader and it's the same color. Seems like sometimes it would miss but mostly worked.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Lovely quilt and thimble! The puzzle is one that I haven't seen before - and looks like quite a challenge with all of those trees and houses. I'm glad that your Mom is getting more comfortable playing with them - and agree that 500 is a good number of pieces - not too many and not too few - ;))

Quilting Gail said...

Ha! Ha! I liked the comment that time was too fleeting for you to get a picture!

Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!

Jeanna said...

Such a fancy thimble! The puzzle is so pretty. What a fun way to spend time with your Mom. The 'fleeting time' and 'in mother news' comments made me laugh. Thanks, I needed that!

Vicki W said...

As a joke you should get your Mom one of those solid color puzzles. I've thought many times about getting one for my Mom. She would probably throw it at me!