Saturday, March 13, 2021

Puzzle and Bear and Blocks -OH MY!

Did the title get your attention?  There is a project that I have been working on but have not mentioned.  But first,  let me show you what Mom and I completed today!!! This puzzle was a tough one.  We knew from the start that one piece was missing and another was damaged.  What we did not know was that some of the pieces will fit in other places reasonably well. (more on that but first the photo.) 
We were correct about the missing piece.  I was sure that piece of sky was the one missing.  But we messed up the big house in front by fitting one piece that joins it to the sky into the place one spot right of where it belonged.  It really did look like it fit. Today with only 22 pieces left, I figured it out.  Then we got it finished. 

Thursday night I started a project I have been looking at for a while.  I got a book by Marlous Carter titled Wonky One Block Quilts.   The cover photo makes me happy, so that is the one I chose to work on. I am starting it as a baby quilt - but I may have to expand to lap size to be happy with it. 
Here are the fabrics I chose to start with. 
This is an Island Batik collection named "Little Sir, Little Miss."  The three at the bottom are yardage. I needed lighter fabrics to make the design pop.  The fact is that I probably will not use all the fabrics in the line.  I may use the white numbers fabric as a neutral on some of the blocks - I am undecided. 

I have made two blocks - but the project I haven't spoken about is also in the block photo.  You see, I made a "Calico Bear" from the Funky Friends Factory collection.  Pauline, the pattern designer had a sew along and gave the pattern as an intro to making soft toys.  
So when my doll needles finally arrived, I sewed on the arms and legs. Then that crafty bear started playing with my quilt blocks.  I think Calico approves. 

Isn't that just the sweetest smile. 
I know that you can't tell much about the blocks yet but when I have
a few more of them sewn I will post a layout photo. 
I must keep creating!

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Congratulations on the puzzle finish! That looks like it was a tough one with all of that sky, ground and leaves. You and your Mom are quite a team! Your bear is adorable and has a VERY cute smile! I'm looking forward to seeing your wonky blocks - those batiks are gorgeous and we all know that everything is better in batik - ;))

Julie Fukuda said...

You are so creative and artistic, I think you could make replacement pieces for that puzzle before returning it. I have gone to puzzles on the computer that don't get lost or chewed by the dog.

Pamela Arbour said...

Great going with the puzzle. I was surprise that you didn't get your paints out and make a piece for the sky. I am sure you could match it perfectly. Nice job on the bear. It is a happy bear with a cute smile. I am sure you will have your blocks together in no time.

Barbara said...

I agree, puzzles with a missing piece or two can be made whole again creating the pieces. It’s a beautiful puzzle! Of course, I love the batiks and am eager to see a finish with them. The bear really got my attention. I’ve made dozens over the years, mostly for people out of ancestor’s old fur coats like beaver, rabbit and mink, and other bears out of fake fur. The joints were fashioned from hardware, and alas, my hands can no longer create them. Actually, I wonder a bit about those years of joint making being a main cause of quickly worsening arthritis in my later years. Doll needles might have been a wiser choice. Indeed, your little bear’s smile could not be sweeter!

Sandra Walker said...

That bear is so cute! Those fabrics are divine (as per usual with Island Batik), and I think this block is going to have lots of movement in your quilt. :-)

Frog Quilter said...

Congratulations on the CUTE BEAR. Glad you overcame the puzzle issue and it’s beautiful. Can’t wait to see more blocks with those fabrics.

Quilting Gail said...

Love the bear!!! SEW cute!!!

About the puzzle ... is there a piece on the grass, under the dog & cart that belongs elsewhere? Just wondering ...

Happy Creating!

Jeanna said...

You and your mom did a great job on the puzzle.
Love the batik fabrics and your bear is just too darn cute!

Vicki W said...

That looks like an interesting book. I'm going to keep an eye in your quilt and might just pick this one up for myself.