Thursday, March 04, 2021

Some "Just Because" Sewing

I decided to take some strips and sew log cabin blocks with them.  No reason, no plan.  Just to be sewing. I said to myself, "Just a few minutes."  Then I got going and it was more than a few minutes.  Here are the results -at one point. 

I did all the cutting with scissors as I sat at my machine with a bag of strips. 
The iron was set up for quick pressing so I did not have to get up. 

Meanwhile at Mom's - I had helped her start a new puzzle. 
It is 300 pieces. These pieces are a bit larger. 
We sat together and put the outer edges together.  I noticed that she did much better with 
the larger pieces.  We put together some of the inside. I worked on the sky mostly.
Then I sorted pieces by color/subject.  When I left, she was still working on it. 
What a surprise when I came back the next day- It was all finished. 
She said that my brother had brought her supper.  
He helped some "but he didn't put in much" she said. 
I have not asked him yet, but I believe her.   She started  looking at the
picture and using it as a map to find where the pieces go. She learned that
from watching my brother and me working on it.  That made me really
happy - because it means the synapses in her brain are working well 
enough to still learn new tricks. 
What are you doing to improve the workings of your brain?  
I am working on learning to play a few musical instruments. I am 
also trying to memorize the songs that I use for practice. 

Until Next Time,  
Stay Creative 

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Debbie said...

Love the just because blocks! What a great way to keep Mom alert! So glad she is enjoying the puzzles.

Jennifer said...

That's the exact puzzle I bought. Lovely log cabin blocks.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Haha - I try to remember what I had for dinner last night - LOL. I LOVE your log cabin blocks - sometimes we need "Just Because" sewing - might do some of that today - thanks for sharing - ;))

Barbara said...

One of my most favorite blocks is log cabin. Yours look great, and I know they will find a home in a beautiful project! I’m with Kitty, just trying to remember from minute to minute. That feeling of wondering why I got up and walked into another room is hitting me more frequently these days. I enjoy playing “Words With Friends” online and hope it will help! Congrats to your Mom! That puzzle took some tedious shape-matching skills!

Kathleen said...

Fun to stitch with no real purpose. I am working on some designs and learning more about my longarm design program, doing embroidery on my new machine and some Procreate on the iPad.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

How exciting that your Mom is doing so well on her puzzle skills! Good for you with the sewing, too.

Pamela Arbour said...

You've got some nice blocks going there. Thanks for the encouragement that we don't have to get out the rotary EVERY time! The iron is another story. Gotta have that. Maybe you and your mom can do a couple more 300 ones before you graduate to 400. Even at 300, it is an excellent idea. I am sure it also stimulates other parts of her brain as well. They are nice to look at.

tubakk said...

Lovely blocks you made. I like that kind f sewing, just because. What I do to stimulate my brain: I learn and use different languages, as English, French and German.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great blocks. I do puzzles on the computer and try new things. I switch up what I'm working on (sewing wise) all the time. That keeps me on my toes.