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Quilt Angel Update

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this.   I found out today that the Ogden House youth facility is being closed. Due to state budget issues and lack of funding the facility will not be able to remain open.

At this time the board of directors is desperately seeking funding to allow this much needed service to continue. Although with the poor state budget, it is uncertain at this time.

We are hoping that some type of funding will be made available to reopen Ogden House as we know that there are still youth who need the facility.    But until that time comes, we are suspending the quilt angel program.

I do thank all of you for the love and concern you have shown.  I am sure that this same love and concern is a part of your daily life.


Quilt Angels is a project that started in 2011.  The original plan was to do this one time. A Higher Power had better plans and this has become a yearly project.  Basically the project gathers quilts generously given for youth that are in a shelter situation.  These are not "juvenile delinquents" or "bad" kids.  These are youth 12 to 17 who for some reason can not be safe in their home situation.  This may be due to abuse, bad environment or some other reason.  They come from all areas of the socio-economic spectrum. They all have one need that you can help fill. They need to know that they are loved. It is truly amazing to see and hear them when they receive these quilts.  The quilt each one receives tells them that someone loved them enough to put time and work into showing that love.  I have heard amazement when one looks at a label on the quilt that says it came from Texas or California or Virginia or wherever.  For some this is the first time unconditional love for them has been made tangible.

We do ask that the quilt be at least 45" by 60" so that they can be used by the largest youngster that is there. We also ask that, if possible, you make it gender neutral. Bed sized quilts are excellent and are much appreciated as they will be loved and used for years. They will be a tangible reminder that "Someone loves you!" 
It is preferred that you put a label on the quilt. Whether or not you put your name is your choice. But, a label with your state and a short statement such as "made with love just for you" or "From someone who loves you" etc will add so much value to these quilts in the eyes of the recipients. Machine binding is perfectly acceptable. Completed with love is far more important than perfection. 
This video tells more about the program.  The program director also expresses thanks for the generosity of the Quilt Angels.

You can contact me with questions or for more information at

Or leave a comment on any blog post and I will reply UNLESS you are a no-reply blogger.

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