Tuesday, May 12, 2020


My friend, A Left-Handed Quilter,  is starting a new project. It is a Bento Box quilt made with 2 1/2" strips. She is using a collection called "Devon County." 
We decided that I would make the same pattern, but my quilt top will be in solids.  I am using a kit that I bought that was designed to make a bargello quilt.  (It was on sale and I bought a second one after making the bargello quilt.)  No-one says you "have to use the pattern that came with it."

So I took a photo of the strips before I sorted them.
The idea was to sort lights and darks.  So using a handy feature on my phone's camera app, I removed the color and left it in gray scale.
That helped some.  I used it as a basis for pairing the strips to make the blocks.  Honestly there are more mid-tones in this so I some of my darks are mid-tone and so are some of my lights.

While I was doing this, I had a visual migraine or something like it. Normally those just are really annoying.  But this is sinus allergy season.  And I was already prone to a headache. This kicked it up a notch.  I had to go to bed for a while after taking allergy and headache meds.

When I got up, I sewed this (less than perfect) block.

The camera's depiction of the colors is less than perfect also.  But they are the darkest purple and the lightest green from the first photo - where the colors are pretty accurate.

I think this will be a fun quilt top to make.  We are both doing 30 blocks in a 5x6 layout for a 60" by 72" quilt top.  I will have extra strips leftover that I may or may not use for binding.

The pdf tutorial for the Bento Box quilt is here and it is free at this time.
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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Sorry to hear that you have allergies and a headache - yuk! But your blocks are going to be so colorful!! It will be fun to compare as we go along - ;)

Barbara said...

It will be fun to see how mischief (read: “not following directions”) goes for you two! With all the experience you’ve had with that, I’m expecting surprises and excellence. I love the block! Also, I know about visual migraine disturbances, but mine are “silent” (meaning no pain). I hope yours go like that soon. It’s all a mystery.

Jeanna said...

Hope you are feeling much better, Gene. We have had high pollen counts here and it has caused terrible sinus headaches. I don't like taking the medicine because they make me 'loopy', even the ones that say they won't. I like the bento box design. Hope you two have fun with it.

Quilting Gail said...

This will be a very pretty quilt.
You're not the only one to buy a kit for the fabric, not the pattern!
Hope those allergies go away soon! They are not fun!
Happy Quilting! :-)